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A Show About Nothing Can Teach You All You Need To Know About Story

We Thought We Would Be Back To Normal By Now...Or Is This Our New Normal?

Lou Hornberger


Hey, Lou Hornberger here, and I want you to understand that it is completely normal to feel frustrated over everything that's happening. Seemingly contradictory information about EVERYTHING. Wear one, don't wear one. Stay inside! You MUST go outside! AHHH!

My oldest son started working at the local hospital here in January of this year....his floor did the after-care of folks who had had surgeries, like knee replacements and appendectomies.

You see where I'm going with this...right?

About two months into his new job, it ALL hit the fan....all scheduled surgeries were cancelled. Which essentially emptied out his patients, like all hospitals were doing in March of 2020.

He was told he would either be working 60+ hours or laid off.

Soon he found out he wouldn't be laid off...because his floor became a "COVID-floor". 

To reduce risk to the rest of the family the hospital would put him up in a local hotel....problem was they would only do that on the days he was actually working....

As you can imagine it was a very stressful time for me and my wife and our youngest. Soon thereafter, like most colleges, my daughter's shut down, sent everyone home and went virtual. 

Rememberthis was right at the start, we knew almost nothing about how it spread, there was a major shortage of "PPE" and people were quietly panicking (mostly) as jobs quickly disappeared.....

Do you see the power it has to connect people?

While my particular "story" may be slightly different from yours, as you read the story above you were right there with me, weren't you? You remember those days. You remember those feelings. Even if you didn't experience the same exact situation, you can relate and know exactly how you would have felt and reacted to the situation I described. And yes, that story is 100% true.

You may not know me, Lou Hornberger, and that's okay 😊...so here's a short video from someone who knows my work in the business world....George...

hamster wheel

People are looking for someone who will be real with them today. Sharing your story will help you keep the customers you've earned and help you to hop off the hamster wheel of finding new traffic sources to replace the people that have drifted off your list.

It's Time To STOP getting new customers and learn to Keep The Ones You Have

Learning how to get your audience to know, like and trust you can be gleaned from a hit show from the 90's....I'll show you how...

Stop investing your money in solo ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, even Pinterest ads....and make use of the great list of people who already have some attachment to you...

The Money Is In The List - IF you NURTURE that list And Make Them Feel Important To You.

When we treat the people on our e-mail list like a community instead of just a list, they feel more at home.

Connecting with our audiences on a regular, genuine way can help us better understand their needs and to be better understood ourselves.

People don't want to be treated as just an e-mail, they want to, generally, be getting the software, training or other product which will solve a problem for them in their life or the business.

You won't have any idea how to help the people on your e-mail list if you simply throw every product that appears on Muncheye at them. 

Story based emails are the key to connecting with your audience.

Story Works All Over The World. In Every Culture. There Are No Exceptions.

People Have Been Sharing Story As Long As There Have Been People!

Stop Making It So Hard To Earn $$$

from https://www.invespcro.com/blog/customer-acquisition-retention/

Your Community Will Trust You More If They Know Who You Are.


Using Email To Retain Customers Simply Just Works...


...There's Really No Comparison...
so now what???

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  • Rake in the dough and feel good about yourself. Knowing that you're not some sleazy spammer who hopes they'll get a few sales to cover the cost of the list they bought from some guy on 8kun.

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  • You decide to dive into the sometimes-seedy world of "Solo ads"....who can you trust...who has real people and not just "click-bots"???? You finally get some sales....but at such a high price....ugh....there's gotta be a better way....

"Lou Hornberger has cracked the code to audience retention. After over 30 years of perfecting his craft as a minister, Lou has brought the secret to us in the Internet Marketing world. This simple method, proven throughout the generations, is going to revolutionize the industry."
 ~Jeff Owens, the anti-guru


It Doesn't Have To Be Flashy To Make You $$$

There's something that is free...just your time and your STORY is needed to make a long lasting connection with a customer who will WANT to come back and buy from you time after time.

There is ONE source of sales that is right in front of you, staring at you EVERY SINGLE DAY.....but you just aren’t using it. It requires NO advertising budget EVER. No approvals by snobby vendors. No startup costs...It’s all there but the key is you have to do it the RIGHT way - the reward? If done right, it can easily drive at least 30 to 40% of your monthly revenue.The best part? It comes with ZERO acquisition cost tied to it and very little tech knowledge. You don't have to be a guru to use it either....

‍It’s High margins, since there's ZERO cost...the ROI is incredible. It’s Fast too...travels at the speed of light. It’s fully in your control and an asset you own - 100% repeatable and scale-able. In fact, 80% of marketers and especially local businesses ignore this one strategy only because they are too busy fighting day and night over the same types of advertising as all their competition expecting tons of money to come rolling in simply because YOU learned how to re-target a look alike audience with your pixel on some Guru's sales page last month....… sound familiar?

The results sound familiar too, don't they: ZERO. Time to walk away from the "shiny object syndrome" and grab some old fashioned tactics...

When I started putting on weight in college I didn't think anything about it....I would get to it eventually....well fast forward nearly 30 years and I was over 300 pound, out of shape and getting winded just tying my shoes...I knew I had to do SOMETHING...I tried a bunch of the fad diets...you know...NO SUGAR...then...NO CARBS...then NO GLUTEN (that lasted about 90 minutes!)....

I finally had success when I went with the old standard of "create a calorie deficit" What that means is I had to burn more calories each day, than I was eating each day....a pound of fat is about 3600 calories...so to lose a pound of fat in a week, I had to burn 3600 more calories than I ate that week...simple, old fashioned...RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME...so is my method: email sequences based on story to create connections with your list so that they will know, like and trust you....step up, especially if you're a Seinfeld fan...if not, the styles of stories, based on the characters in the show, are relatable and useful in any niche.

People are people, And people like story

...YOU have a story...I do too...did you just see how I weaved my weight loss story into this page...? Now you know me a little better, you understand my struggle that you may have also struggled with...for the record I did lose most of the weight I wanted to, my wife has lost weight too and we're getting in shape. Unfortunately, I have put some back on...I call it the "Covid-20", I'm working to get that gone as well...caloric deficit FTW!

It may be "old fashioned" and not terribly exciting, but just like watching what I ate (as in tracking it) and burning calories (i.e. exercising) email marketing is not flashy or the next "killer app", but just like a caloric deficit, email gets the job done and you definitely see the results.

  • 1
    Simple, Over The Shoulder Training: I will explain AND show you click by click how to setup your first autoresponder account (if needed) so that you are ready to share your story immediately!
  • 2
    Safe and Legal: I will teach you a great. little known trick to comply with the US Federal Can-Spam Act so you are in compliance, but keep your privacy intact. 
  • 3
    Clever & Creative: I will teach you ways to come up with content that will engage your email list so that they want to open your emails 
  • 4
    Low Cost Investment: Hello, Newman Email Training is less than ten bux right now....yes there are upgrades that can expedite your progress, but ultimately I can only take you so far. I'll show you how to fish, but you'll have to fish in your pond...the pond you know very well.
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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't see the value in the training inside of Hello, Newman Email Training in seven days from your purchase... just let my support desk know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Customer Retention Is The Proven Method To Increase Profits

Knowing how much more it costs to earn a new customer, it would seem foolish to allow our hard fought customers to just drift away....the numbers don't lie...


Simply by increasing customer retention by ONLY 5%, studies show a direct increase in profit by at least 25%, perhaps as much as doubling it...email marketing with story helps you connect with your customers, thereby ensuring their "retention" in your community.

Grab It Today, No Risk, 7-Day Money Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't see the value in the training inside of Hello, Newman Email Training in seven days from your purchase... just let my support desk know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

"You don't have to 'a creative person' to tell your story, you just have to have a story....and if you walked the earth, at all in the last 6 months....you've got a story or three that most people can relate to....your human story will connect you to other humans who also have a story. Start telling your story and you'll see your engagement and income rise, plus you'll enjoy connecting with like minded people.”

P.S.: There's no risk, you've got a full week to try my training...if you don't see the value in it....I'll gladly refund your money.....seriously. I want you to be satisfied with it.

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